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About Us

After suffering 6 long years of deprivation from anything close to a true blue Australian meat pie, the back bone to any Aussies diet, it became evidently clear that the only way to solve this problem was to get out there and make our own!

All our pies are made from the finest ingredients, what makes them Australian?
No peas and carrots, lots of meat inside a rich tasty gravy that doesn’t run. Flaky puff pastry on the top and a subtle short crust on the bottom, allowing you to hold the pie in one hand and eat on the go!

The idea of bringing the Australian Meat Pie to Canada spawned on a crisp winters day on my way up the black forest chair lift at Big White ski resort, I noticed a perogie concession at the bottom of the run and thought to myself “ why aren’t there any meat pies here? “

Some 4 years later after some minor yet very critical adjustments to an Australian born recipe, we developed the base to what is now known as Real Deal Australian Meat Pies. Why “real deal”??? Because our aim is to produce a true blue representation of Australian meat pies here in Canada, to be as good as, if not better, than what you would find in Australia.

Growing up in Australia I had such a big range of pies available to me, from mass produced brands, to locally made in some of the many small bakeries spread throughout the city of Adelaide, South Australia. This led me to become very critical and carefully selective when it came time to indulge.

This is why quality and consistency are two very important practices that we strive to maintain in the production of our pies. When our pies reach the final stage, if the quality isn’t 100 percent, the answer is simple – we reject them personally.

Real Deal Pies are jam packed with toppings to ensure that there is no mistaking the flavor of pie you are eating. For example, our steak cheese and bacon pies are over flowing with tender cubes of steak and rich gravy, riddled with chunky pieces of bacon and oozing with hot melting cheese. We use lean tender steak, cut into small succulent cubes, removing all the gristle the eye can see, and any large and unwanted pieces of fat along the way. Fresh onions, real bacon and medium aged cheddar cheese are added in for rich flavor.